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Towable Smoker

Towable Smoker Trailer
Model TST - $3,950

This Custom Towable Competition BBQ Smoker Trailer is perfect for smoking, barbecuing or grilling. It uses wood or charcoal for "perfect" direct or indirect cooking every time. 

Because this smoker trailers wood burning, you won't have gas fumes passing over your meat. Ultimately this means a better tasting product than you can expect from gas fired pits.

Even though you have the option to cook directly over the heat using charcoal, our unique smoker design allows you to cook with wood using an indirect heat flow. In other words, what your cooking isn't directly over an open flame. This BBQ smoker cooks using a modified reverse flow which means the heat flows in 2 different directions from the firebox below to the cooking chamber above. 

  • Overall dimension 60" wide x 55" high x 30" deep
  • Upper rack measures 59" wide x 14" deep & is removable
  • Lower rack measures 59" wide x 29" deep & is removable
  • LP starter/igniter with 20# LP tank
  • Single 2,000 lb Dexter Torflex Axle with 15" radial tires
  • 6 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • 2" coupler with 4-way pigtail
  • 14" high x 30" long removable side rail for storing wood on 'A' frame
  • Two 12" wide x 30" deep stainless steel shelves
  • Cooking capacity: 149 lbs pork butts, 127 lbs brisket, 42 lbs ribs, 19 whole chickens
  • Thermostat included

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